Today, water supplies are more scarce than ever before, requiring water utilities to operate more efficiently than anyone thought possible. That’s where we come in.

Like water, the flow of data from water utilities is both measurable and manageable. Valor helps utilities transform complicated data into simple solutions that can make a big difference. Some call it advanced water utility analytics. We call it all in a day’s work.

Why choose Valor? 

  • Improve revenue assurance
  • Recognized water industry leader in Apparent Water Loss Detection
  • Choose the best-in-class solution for optimizing water utility meter-to-cash processes
  • Identify and resolve operational, customer service, and infrastructure issues before they become real problems
  • Work with a team that is dedicated to making water utilities run better and provide high quality service to customers  

Valor Water Analytics is gaining national recognition AS BEST-IN-CLASS for our company and our clients .

It was eye opening to see that most of our revenue comes from the low volume water users and that this phenomenon was magnified by recent droughts and conservation efforts.
— Mike Thomas, General Manager, Clayton County Water Authority

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