Cutoff Analyzer™ (for water and energy)

Hidden Revenue (apparent loss) Locator™

S.m.a.r.t. targets for conservation™

Water Rate Simulator™

Maximize your billing and consumption data potential

Valor helps utilities improve revenue performance and realize the full potential of meter technology. Valor’s innovative algorithms unlock new and hidden data insights for utilities, and enable monitoring and management of apparent water loss, water consumption, conservation performance, revenue risk, payment and non-payment trends, and customer spatial and seasonal delinquency. Valor also provides rate scenario planning like budget-based rates and individualized customer rate structures, hot water leak detection using gas data, and water and energy calculators in water-energy nexus programs.

Reach your target customers in time

Our analytic results and suggested actions allow for timely and successful communication with target customers and improves water conservation efforts, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces payment performance issues, cutoffs, and arrears.


Elevate partnerships

We partner in large programs with multiple water and gas utilities, meter and MDM companies, customer engagement providers to design integrated solutions and provide sophisticated analytics and reporting above what would be within the capability of a single utility or provider. An integrated analytics approach produces optimal water and energy savings, greenhouse gas reduction, and operational efficiency.

Enable proactive action

We identify issues related to systems, customer services, and operations. Through early identification and resolution of issues, we help utilities save water and energy, and time and money.


Focus on one or multiple service areas

Whether you’re looking to leverage analytics as part of a pilot or testing AMI technology or complying with state regulations, or as part of longer-term revenue risk management and operational planning, Valor can help.

We’re here for you

We provide clients with dedicated delivery, training, and support resources to ensure successful engagements and high client satisfaction.   

Valor Water Analytics is gaining national recognition for our company as well as on behalf of our clients as best-in-class.


What business wouldn’t want to understand customer behavior better? The analysis gave us a better understanding of how to most effectively target rate adjustments and water conservation pricing tiers. It was eye opening to see that most of our revenue comes from the low volume water users and that this phenomenon was magnified by recent droughts and conservation efforts. While most utilities could do this type of analysis themselves, the creative approach and variety of data presentation formats makes the report easy to interpret whether you’re a data junkie or not!
— Mike Thomas, General Manager, Clayton County Water Authority