Dr. Christine Boyle Delivers Keynote at the Esri Water Conference: “Mapping a Smarter Utility”

“Whether your utility is in a boom or a bust, a drought or a deluge, is expanding or contractingcustomer water use patterns are changing and it’s the responsibility of water utilities to respond to this change.”

That was Valor Water Analytics’ President Dr. Christine Boyle during her keynote remarks at the First Annual Esri Water Conference. Dr. Boyle used the platform to convey the urgency for utilities to develop a deeper understanding of changing customer water use patterns in order to proactively plan for capital and water resource needs.

Spatial analysis tailored for the water utility sector, of the kind being pioneered by Valor Water Analytics, is “a viable way to use data at our fingertips to dispel some of the uncertainly” in the water sector. Embracing these tools will allow utilities to realize financial solutions amongst a shifting water landscape.

The conference, which took place on February 10-12th in Portland, Oregon, was designed to help utilities develop a set of next steps for making water utilities smarter and more responsive to changes in water consumption. In attendance were GIS and technical staff from 200 water utilities, which allowed all the participants to really ‘geek out’ on the ways software can be used to help water utilities.

In her remarks, Dr. Boyle discussed Valor Water Analytics innovative suite of business intelligence tools. These illuminating and targeted tools are designed to help water utilities better understand their customers and address pressing financial issues, such as conservation, revenue risk, and affordability.

Esri Water Utility Practice Sales Manager Howard Crothers noted after seeing a demonstration of Valor Water’s suite of spatial analytics: “These analytics promise to bring practical solutions to the revenue challenge water utilities face today.”

Valor Water is also now a Partner at Esri and we will soon be expanding to offer a selection of our tools through Esri’s services.