How Can Water Utilities Benefit From Acquiring Business Intelligence On Their Top Nonresidential Water Customers?

Water utilities spend less time studying their nonresidential customers than their residential customers; yet this is the group that can significantly impact financial resources and demand profiles.

Tiger, M., Boyle, C., Eskaf, S., Hughes, J., and Jutras, R. analyzed nonresidential customers at the premise and meter level in four North Carolina water utilities over 2012 and 2013. The utilities were Cary—Town of Cary, Greensboro—City of Greensboro, OWASA—Orange Water and Sewer Authority, and PWC—Fayetteville Public Works Commission.

Some key observations identified are presented below:

  1. It is important for utilities to conduct business intelligence analysis on their nonresidential customer class, as nonresidential customers may not contributing to revenue at a level proportional to their water use.
  2. Charging separate rates for nonresidential customers requires water utilities to maintain records of customer type changes over time within the billing system in order to charge appropriately.
  3. Utilities that are able to analyze top nonresidential water consumption profiles and determine the extent of their revenue reliance on these customers, can likely improve their communication efforts and gain significant insight into these customers and their operations, and reduce their vulnerability to significant consumption changes.
  4. Mining water use data from billing records can ensure meter right-sizing for nonresidential customers.

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