Valor Founder Christine Boyle, featured on This Week in Startups

Today we have a great episode on an important topic: water. It’s one of the biggest problems we face as a society, especially with many regions experiencing drought. Joining Jason is Christine Boyle, founder of Valor Water Analytics, who tracks and finds the biggest culprit of our broken system — waste. Poor data, faulty pipes, leaks and loss run amok! Christine explains the tools she’s developed, with a 60%-2000% ROI, that focus on conservation and process efficiency rather than drastic, unrealistic measures. She and Jason talk data, bad water behavior, worst offenders, desalinization, evapotranspiration (say it fast!), William Shatner’s wild ideas, where is that breaking point (for real), how San Francisco is more efficient than Los Angeles, is it necessary to flush urinals, and so much more! This is the first episode of our Tumml 2fer, featuring two founders who graduated from the Tumml accelerator & are tackling tough urban problems. (Interestingly, both went on to YC, as well.)