Valor Water Analytics Intern Blog: Priya Dhandev

Who I am

I graduated with a degree in MS in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University CA in December 2016. I went to Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, India for my undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering. During the MS program where I was specializing in VLSI Design & Testing, I discovered my love for programming!! To enhance my knowledge and to learn the required skills to be a skilled software developer, I took severalcourses on Coursera, Udacity and Udemy. 

My Internship with Valor Water

An internship at Valor Water Analytics proved to be the platform for which I was looking for a while. It gave me the opportunity to closely work with the software team and get the amazing experience of industry work environment and responsibilities. Here I have worked on multiple exciting projects such as improving (a) the code-base’s quality, which future proofed the code as it complies with the PEP8 standards; and (b) automating the tests for data transformation and loading process for our clients, which is a very important part of the ETL testing cycle. Currently I am working with a brand new feature launched by AWS called Redshift Spectrum where I am doing bulk of exploratory work which can potentially save several load/unload steps used for raw data transformations during the ETL cycle; making the entire process more efficient. 

Parting Thoughts

It is great being a part of the team at Valor where you have mentors who demonstrate their belief in you by charging you with crucial responsibilities and are always available to guide you whenever you come across a hurdle. Every day is a learning opportunity here at Valor for me. Apart from the technical stuff I love to cook, play badminton, explore new places and go for a hike during the weekends.