Valor Water Analytics Intern Blog: Alex Pan

Hi, I'm Alex!

I’m going into my third year at UC Berkeley, where I study computer science. I’m originally from Novi, Michigan, where I was born and raised until I moved out for college. I’m currently working full time as a software engineering intern for Valor, which is about a 45-minute commute from my apartment from Berkeley. I’m super excited about working hard, seeing the city, and enjoying the weather.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I play Ultimate Frisbee. During the school year, I compete with Cal’s club team UGMO. I also participate in the summer club season on various teams around the Bay and in Michigan. With the 5% of my free time left after that, I enjoy pursuing graphic/web design and I’m a part of the Innovative Design organization on campus.

What is your background?

As I mentioned before, I come from Novi — a relatively normal suburb of Detroit. Though I do miss certain aspects of home like family and seasons, I’m glad to have traded the Midwest winters for a warm climate year-round. Being in California has made me branch out and do wild things like drink kombucha and pretend to be a Warriors fan.

What do you like about your work at Valor?

My favorite part about working here is having the opportunity to make meaningful contributions on a production level. Even though I’m only here for around two months, it’s rewarding for me to know that the code I’m writing will be used in production-level deployments. I also enjoy working on a variety of different projects—as a younger student, the more I can explore, the better.

What do you do at Valor?

As a software intern, my current project involves optimizing the performance speed of algorithms—specifically, meter under-registration. I am working to adapt existing code so it can run exclusively in the cloud, which eliminates the need to transfer data back and forth between the database and a local environment.