Valor Volunteers at San Francisco Zoo for Watermark Event

By Glen Semino, Senior QA Engineer


On June 8th, 2019, the Valor Water Analytics team participated in one of Watermark’s supported volunteer events. It was organized by the San Francisco Zoo’s Horticulture Department. As part of the event, participants get to spend the early hours of Saturday morning beautifying the zoo by helping to clean up designated areas. This includes weeding, as well as general garden clean up related work. Beyond that, one gets to learn about the Zoo and about ways to spread the message of habitat conservation. 


Those from Valor and other volunteers at the event were tasked with weeding particular areas of the zoo. At the end of the work hours, it was very satisfying to see the areas everyone had worked on and how the beautiful vegetation was no longer clouded by weeds. It was also amazing to see how many bags of weeds had been gathered at the very end. We also had a chance to speak to one of the organizers and learned about the challenges the zoo faces.


Overall it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning helping to renew the SF Zoo. These Watermark Volunteer events really give us a sense of pride in our community and continue to inspire us to help those around us.

To learn more about this event and the San Francisco Zoo you can visit: 

As part of Xylem Watermark's main mission to solve water and educate our local communities about water issues in the world, we have more Watermark Volunteer events coming up at Valor Water Analytics in 2019. To learn more about Xylem Watermark, you can visit: