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Broken Meter Beater

Broken Meter Beater

By Steve Birndorf

So, I’ve been thinking about broken meters quite a bit lately (and, when I say “broken meter,” I’m referring to all sorts of different issues--under-registration, non-registration, decay, stuck meters, zero reads, etc.). Every day, as I talk to municipalities and water agencies around California and around the country, broken meters are a topic of universal importance and concern. Everyone’s got ‘em, and everyone is trying to get rid of ‘em. And, broken meters don’t just go away when you fix them...they are a recurring problem which occur year after year after year...


Broken meters, significantly impact water utilities. They leave revenue uncollected, they impact revenue stability, they make compliance difficult, they result in truck rolls, they impact conservation efforts. The list goes on.

Zero visibility: Issues in Water Use Data Resolution


In the beginning -- that is, before HD television -- there was standard definition television.  Back then, nobody complained much about the quality of the image.  In reality, the reason why people didn't make a fuss was that they didn't know what they were missing out on.  The same goes for the transition from cassette tapes to CDs and a host of other evolutionary enhancements in audio/visual quality over the years.  Ignorance is bliss.

Utility Data Management BMPs v1.0

Utility Data Management BMPs v1.0

Here in California, the mention of BMPs (Best Management Practices) to any water utility practitioner brings a look of frustration, and perhaps fear.  This may be due to the use of BMPs by the state to promote certain practices in water conservation, rate making, and more.  This may explain why while attending a water utility data conference at Stanford a few weeks ago, a wholesale water engineer proposed the idea of Water Utility Data BMPs, and this got a chuckle from the audience.

Water Energy Nexus Work in California

In February 2016, The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) adopted Decision 15-09-023 which provides a set of analytical tools to quantify the benefits of water savings. The purpose of one of the tools, the water energy nexus calculator is to enable the CPUC, Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs), and other stakeholders to quantify and capture ‘embedded energy’ savings stemming from water conservation programs. In a follow-on decision, the CPUC issued Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling Regarding Advanced Meter Infrastructure Pilot Proposals and Setting Workshop (November 20, 2015).

Dr. Christine Boyle Delivers Keynote at the Esri Water Conference: “Mapping a Smarter Utility”

“Whether your utility is in a boom or a bust, a drought or a deluge, is expanding or contractingcustomer water use patterns are changing and it’s the responsibility of water utilities to respond to this change.”

That was Valor Water Analytics’ President Dr. Christine Boyle during her keynote remarks at the First Annual Esri Water Conference. Dr. Boyle used the platform to convey the urgency for utilities to develop a deeper understanding of changing customer water use patterns in order to proactively plan for capital and water resource needs.

Valor Selected by SAWPA to Deliver Water Rates Simulator for BBR Conversion

Valor Water’s Water Rate Simulator has been pre- selected as a grant-qualified vendor for water utilities to model Budget-based Rates, run weather and economic scenarios, and forecast demand under new rate structures. Valor’s rate setting tools also includes Cost of Service assessment tools for a comprehensive and Prop 218 compliant rate setting solution.