identify non-paying water customers


Valor water's CUTOFF ANALYZER™ 

By 2022, the percentage of US households that will not be able to afford their water bills is projected to rise to 36%. This mounting affordability crisis poses serious challenges to utilities and their customers.

A subscription based software, Cutoff Analyzer allows clients to monitor customer payment trends to understand and predictively address non-payment. The software provides utilities with data on current and potential non-paying customers, allowing the utilities to take proactive action – i.e., just in time notifications to customers – to reduce the amount of late fees, cutoff arrears, and cutoffs.

With this solution, utilities can:

  • Operate more efficiently with a reduction in non-payment, payment arrears, and operational costs

  • Understand non-payment risks to reduce cutoffs and make more informed rate change decisions

  • Enhance customer trust and experience through proactive non-payment interventions