Data Security & Privacy



Valor's cloud-based offering is deployed using infrastructure from industry leading cloud providers so as to ensure compliance with SOC 1, SOC 2, or Sarbanes-Oxley standards.  These certifications provide outside confirmation that the providers have established adequate internal controls and that those controls are operating efficiently.


Valor systems are accessed using SSL.  The authentication and authorization systems are implemented using industry best practices and are regularly tested.


Valor provides each utility customer with a private data sandbox to prevent data corruption, entanglement, or privacy breaches.  Your utility and customer data is never available or visible to any other utility or its customers.


Each Valor employee is required to sign a nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement prior to employment.



Valor strictly adheres to its publicly posted privacy policy.  We do not share personally identifiable information with anyone without your prior authorization—ever.  We believe that transparency in customer relationships is the essential foundation for trust.  We pledge to notify our customers when problems arise, and to work with them to solve problems.



Valor shall be given attribution using the appropriate text or brand elements where Valor results are shown. The following basic principles govern use of Valor’s name and logo in conjunction with Valor results. 

  1. If Valor is the sole provider of the Results, this will be reflected using the phrase “Delivered by Valor Water Analytics Engine” or “Delivered by Valor”
  2. If there are multiple providers of Results, this will be reflected using the phase “Enhanced by Valor Water Analytics Engine” or “Enhanced by Valor”
  3. The Valor logo shall appear in a size that is clearly legible, but it need not be the largest logo on the page and no smaller than 24 pixels in height.