eliminate water meter discrepancies



You know the feeling when you find a twenty dollar bill hiding in your pocket? That’s the idea behind Valor’s Hidden Revenue Locator. It makes the errors and anomalies in meter data a thing of the past.

  • Meter-level identification of 8 Apparent Loss categories (per AWWA M36, Ch. 3), resulting in an average 1.5% top line revenue identification
  • Reduce Compliance RiskUse our Apparent Loss Results to track and comply with Bill 555, Water Stewardship Act 2010, and similar regulations.
  • Boost Credit Rating by eliminating unbilled water
  • Prioritize meter replacement schedules with advanced meter under-registration measurement
  • Increase Revenue by eliminating meter discrepancies
  • Increase Process Efficiency by quickly resolving issues, optimizing workflow processes, and enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.