eliminate water meter discrepancies



Average apparent losses account for up to 2 percent of topline revenue loss per year, impacting both a utility’s financial bottom line and water loss.

The Hidden Revenue Locator is an online cloud-based solution that is composed of two modules targeting two key components of apparent loss: Customer Metering Inaccuracies and Customer Data Handling Inaccuracies.

Customer Metering Inaccuracies module

This module helps utilities identify and rank customer meters within their system that are losing revenue due to inaccuracies such as under-registration, over- and under-sizing relative to demand, and meter read errors. This information allows the water utility to create meter testing and replacement programs based on asset performance, in order to maximize revenue recovery and realize operational efficiencies.

With this solution, utilities can:

  • Gain revenue assurance

  • Operate efficient systems

  • Deliver water equitably

Customer Data Handling Inaccuracies module

For utilities that want third party verification of the health of their customer account management system, we offer a customized solution that allows utilities to rectify data handling issues and gives them the confidence needed for water loss reporting or rate changes.

With this solution, utilities can:

  • Manage customer billing issues comprehensively

  • Improve customer service and trust

  • Optimize revenue

Case studies:

Harnessing Data Science to Solve Apparent Loss:

Learn how Clayton County Water Authority quadrupled the efficacy of their meter replacement program and uncovered over $200,000 in hidden revenue using the Hidden Revenue Locator Customer Metering Inaccuracies module.

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