eliminate water meter discrepancies



Apparent losses are one of the most pressing problems for water utilities, and one of the hardest to detect and quantify. On average, 5% of retail utility water is unac­counted for and unbilled for. Even the best-managed utilities can benefit from re-capturing "hidden" revenue via reduction of apparent water loss.

Through algorithms and data analysis, our Hidden Revenue Locator uses your meter data to locate apparent losses in your system. This is done on a constant monitoring basis. Our current deployments have found that 2.3% of meters have some type of revenue issue. For an average-sized util­ity, this can result in millions of dollars per year in unbilled water.

Our Hidden Revenue Locator uses AWWA M36 & M6 standards and finds losses in the form of: 

  • Metering Inaccuracies 
  • Meter Oversizing
  • Systematic Data Handling Errors 
  • Unbilled Meters
  • Leaks 
  • Unauthorized Consumption
  • And more

Valor Water Analytics locates issues in real-time and provides actionable recommendations to address and correct every meter in the system. Our intuitive dashboards help locate both broad trends and specific issues for better allocation of resources and improved operational efficiency--fewer truck rolls, fewer customer service calls and more efficient field servicing. 

Benefits Include:

  • Meter-level identification of 8 Apparent Loss categories (per AWWA M36, Ch. 3), resulting in an average 1.5% top line revenue identification
  • Reduced Compliance Risk — Use our Apparent Loss Results to track and comply with Bill 555, Water Stewardship Act 2010, and similar regulations.
  • Boosted Credit Rating by eliminating reducing nonrevenue water
  • Prioritized meter replacement schedules with advanced meter under-registration measurement
  • Increased Revenue by eliminating meter discrepancies
  • Increased Process Efficiency by quickly resolving issues, optimizing workflow processes, and enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.