Calling all Software Interns!

Valor Water Analytics seeks a talented software engineer intern to join its development team.  You will work side-by-side with our full-time engineers to extend the capabilities of our industry leading analytics platform.  You will learn software industry best practices, and your code will be deployed to our production SaaS environment where it will be used by a growing list of water utilities across North America.  You will be involved in designing, coding, testing, and integrating your work into our product portfolio.

Demonstrated alignment with Valor Water’s core mission of developing tools to advance the efficient, safe, and affordable provision of water to communities is highly valued.

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Liquid Assets Update By Will Sarni

Water Foundry founder Will Sarni writes about "3 ways the course of water sustainability changed in 2017" this month in GreenBiz. Valor Water is highlighted under the seciton "The rise of Machines" for  Valor technology's ability to identify and manage non-revenue water and strategies to improve utility profitability. Read the full article here