The Brave New World of Apparent Loss Detection

Why Apparent Loss Matters

Attention to curbing water loss in utilities has soared over the past 5 years. In 2015 the first North American Water Loss Conference was held in College Park, GA marking the first national water loss conference in the United States.  In 2013 the EPA published a paper stressing the importance of water auditing and water loss control. Water Loss reporting  is now regulated in place in 3 states (GA, CA, HI), with several more to join in coming years. The State of California through Executive Order B-37-16and the Cal-Nevada AWWA through its Water Loss Technical Assistance Program continue to promote water audits as a step forward in reducing water loss across California.  

While the curbing of overall non-revenue water is the overall goal of these programs and regulations, we have been paying particular attention to a sub-category of total water loss, referred to as apparent loss. 

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