Valor and Sensus to Launch Joint Offering in April 2019

By Matt Hepworth, Senior Solutions Engineer

Valor Water Analytics and Sensus (both Xylem brands) are excited to announce the launch of Valor’s Hidden Revenue Locator product within the Sensus Analytics platform beginning in April, 2019. Sensus provides premier metering, communication networks, and meter data analysis solutions and was acquired by Xylem in 2016. Valor Water Analytics has joined forces with Sensus to offer its dedicated software and data science expertise, by deploying its award-winning Hidden Revenue Locator tool via the Sensus Analytics platform.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 3.01.05 PM.png

The Hidden Revenue Locator product analyzes a utility’s consumption, billing, and customer information system data to identify specific revenue assurance opportunities on a meter-by-meter basis. This tool  allows the water utility to create meter testing and replacement programs based on asset performance, in order to maximize revenue recovery and realize operational efficiencies. The addition of this tool to Sensus Analytics will allow for rapid and easy deployment of Hidden Revenue Locator for existing Sensus Analytics customers, as well as a uniform one-stop offering for new and existing clients of both Sensus and Valor’s.

Valor and Sensus are thrilled to offer Hidden Revenue Locator to a larger ecosystem of clients, and the close collaboration is a great example of the synergies provided by being part of the Xylem family of brands. We look forward to helping more utilities than ever identify apparent losses, ensure their revenue security, and provide equitable service for their customers.