Smart Cities

Valor Water makes GovTech 100 for Smart Infrastructure

#govtech is trending. Strongly.

It is an overnight success 30 years in the making. As our masthead suggests, we have been covering the intersection of government and technology for more than three decades. So why the GovTech 100, and why now?

Bloomberg highlights Valor Water as SMART CITIES leader

A recent Bloomberg Technology Report highlights Valor Water as part of the newly branded Smart Cities sector. 

"City governments are in part fueling the shift in sentiment, turning to venture investors and startups to spawn innovative ways to use the data. They’re subsidizing office spaces, providing tax benefits and funding incubators.

That’s creating fertile ground for young companies. Radiator Labs, founded in one of Columbia University’s graduate apartments to reduce heat waste from radiators, got permission to test in the school’s housing before going on to get support through a state-funded program. U.K.-based Pavegen, which creates flooring that converts footsteps into energy, plans to install its technology in Washington’s Dupont Circle. By helping utilities track water use, San Francisco-based Valor Water Analytics is aiming to reduce waste and more efficiently distribute the resource."