Valor Product SOLUTIONS Portfolio

Making the most of water

Apparent (or commercial) loss is one of the most pressing problems for water utilities, and one of the hardest to detect and quantify.  Apparent loss refers to water that is being consumed but not being paid for, due to data handling or billing errors, illegal consumption, and metering inaccuracies such as under-registration.

Since 2013, we’ve helped utilities leverage advanced data science to make more informed decisions, in order to operate efficiently and profitably and address these apparent water loss issues. We do this with:

  • Comprehensive Meter Asset Management Program: pinpoints issues and prioritizes replacement schedules

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Fewer truck rolls, fewer customer service calls and more efficient field servicing.

  • Optimized Revenue Discovery:  Eliminated meter and billing inaccuracies

  • Informed Water Audit: Bottom-up approach to increase accuracy, reduce non-revenue water, and improve your credit rating

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Just-in-time notifications for enhanced customer trust and experience

  • Mitigated Affordability Challenges: Reduced cutoffs and analyzed rate change