simulate water usage



Ever wish you had a crystal ball to see the impact of your decisions before you actually make them? That’s essentially what Valor’s Water Rate Simulator is capable of. It allows utilities to understand revenue profiles, plan strategies, and accurately visualize the impact of new rate structures before ever bringing them to customers.

  • Improved Scenario Planning—Make data-backed decisions to stick with your current rate structure, add surcharges to recover revenue loss, or implement a new rate structure. Run revenue “stress tests” and climate scenario tests to see how each model performs.

  • In-House Analytical Tool—This software allows utility analysts to set rate parameters (such as elasticity), run climate and economic scenarios, and assess new rate structures, without hiring an expensive consultant.

  • Motivate Efficient Water Use—Determine rate structures and levels that will influence good water use behavior to help achieve conservation targets.

  • Engagement success—Our delivery team members have a proven record of successful delivery and high client satisfaction. We also have well-established methods to integrate with utility meter data management systems and billing systems.


  • Integrates your utilities’ billing, evapotranspiration, and aerial imaging data (or GIS) to develop individualized customer-level rate structures, rate levels, and scenario assessments

  • Displays alternate rate structures including budget-based rates, peak set rates, and customer select rates

  • Adjust customer classes and rate structures per utility need

  • Reports include the feasibility and consequence of implementing each scenario

  • Historic data is imported and analyzed, and displayed in a secure web-based client-specific portal

  • Results updated real time with current meter data

  • Generate different reports for different clients